Origin: New Milford, CT

Genre: Country / Rock

Official Website: www.tomdobson.com


It's no longer a requirement that you have to be from Texas or Tennessee when it comes to country music.  Tom Dobson, who is set to become one of the breakout talents of 2018, has spent his life quietly honing his craft in the woods of northwest Connecticut.  His fiery new single, 'American Man,' will carry him to a whole new level of notoriety.  Although contemporary, there is nothing pop about this country stars sound.  Signed to New Jersey-based independent Rhyme & Reason Records, Dobson has delivered a strong statement of purpose with 'American Man.'  Reminiscent of a Kid Rock or Big and Rich style hit single, 'American Man' is a heavy hitting, upbeat anthem guaranteed to ruffle a few feathers.  In other words, the track (and full album) defies convention despite its traditional banjo and pedal steel arrangements and is bound to shake up the country music industry for the better.  "I'm the Connecticut Cowboy here to sing songs of how I grew up, represent where I come from and not give a damn while doing it."



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